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The Investment Strategies Summit

With an increasing amount of interest coming from the buy-side at Global Derivatives, over the last few years the Summit Day has been an increasingly popular part of the programme, focussing upon topics such as:

- systematic trading strategies

- risk management

- portfolio construction and optimisation

- market making

- algorithmic trading of equities, credit and fixed income

- optimal execution

- tail risk and hedging strategies

- volatility trading and strategies based on VIX

Speakers have included such well-known names and firms as: Robert Almgren, Co-Founder, QUANTITATIVE BROKERS ; Paul Bilokon, Director, MET DEUTSCHE BANK ; Peter Van Kleef, Partner, LAKEVIEW CAPITAL MARKET SERVICES ; Olivier Guéant, Associate Professor Of Applied Mathematics, UNIVERSITÉ PARIS DIDEROT, PARIS 7 ; Alex Langnau, Global Head Of Quantitative Analytics, ALLIANZ INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT ; Arthur Berd, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, GENERAL QUANTITATIVE ; Jessica James, Managing Director, COMMERZBANK ; Richard (Jerry) Haworth, Principal & Chief Investment Officer, 36 SOUTH CAPITAL ADVISORS







View the Portfolio Optimisation & Quantitative Investment Summit Agenda here

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